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This first module serves as an introduction to the fundamentals of the whole course. It introduces the perspective on digitalization and business transformation which is taken throughout the course. It is a phenomenon which of course changes a lot in our daily life, but is not the unavoidable and “unmanageable” Pandora´s box that is conjured up by some authors. We do have methods for dealing with both, the effects and requirements of digitalization as well as business transformation. Thus, we also present a model of digital business management and the basic methods for this course. You will have the chance to listen and learn, but also to discuss and exchange your knowledge and ideas with your peers and the experts from universities and practice.

Goals of the module

  • Set the topic into context
  • Introduce the Digital Business Model as basic framework for the course
  • Introduce methods for working on assignments and your transfer thesis
  • Catalyze discussion and exchange
  • Catalyze networking
  • Transfer knowledge to a first case study
  • Inspire

Main Lecturer