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In recent years the topic of business model innovation has gained tremendous attention from practitioners as well as academia. Supported by stunning cases where industry outsiders were able to overthrow long term market leaders and incumbents, it became clear that superior products, processes and services are no longer enough to guarantee the sustainable success of established companies. At the same time the ongoing digitization and a never before experienced availability of venture capital has accelerated the pressure for incumbent to reshuffle their business models. This module therefore focuses on the topic of business model innovation in times of digitization and what incumbents can learn from start-ups when it comes to reinvent themselves.

Goals of the module

Questions to be answered:

  • What is a business model? What is a business model innovation?
  • What are the main benefits of innovative (new/modified/optimized) business models?
  • What are best practices/ examples of successful business models?
  • How are business models affected by their environment and ecosystem?
  • How to systematically analyze and describe business models?
  • How to develop and assess different business model alternatives?
  • What is the link to entrepreneurship and venturing?

Practical Tools:

  • St. Gallen Business Model Navigator
  • Who-What-How-Why Framework
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Value Curve (Blue Ocean Strategy)
  • Business Model Patterns
  • Serious Play

Exam & Transfer Thesis:

  • Develop, adapt and pitch your thesis specific business model

You can expect the following topics:

  1. Digitalisation, digital goods and servitisation
  2. Product Service Systems
  3. Service Design, Co-Design & Open Service Innovation
  4. Service Innovation processes & methods
  5. Service Prototyping, Toolkits, Service Evaluation

Main Lecturer