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For 30 years running, roughly 70% of all change processes fail or lag well behind projected goals. Either too little or no support from managers and team members is a key factor. Digitalization and Transformation demand considerably high tolerance for corpo-rate change: the disruption is all-encompassing and radical – every employee is touched. How companies and organizations generate the necessary readiness and will to act, remains an increasingly pertinent question.

Module Goals

Questions to be answered:

  • What is leadership for the Digital Transformation and what are the challenges?

  • How can digital leaders analyze and develop an organization’s energy?

  • How can digital leaders synchronize transformation goals with the goals of all involved managers and employees to create commitment and motivation?

  • How can digital leaders create rewarding team relationships in the organization?

Practical Tools:

  • St. Gallen Business Model Navigator
  • Motivational Map for goal-setting
  • Transactional analysis for developing relationships
  • Energy booster for analyzing and developing the organization’s energy
  • Hero’s Journey
  • Affecting rating scale
  • Rubicon Process

Main Lecturer