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Digitisation changes how we consume, work, live, and communicate. This opens numerous opportunities for new businesses, while on the other hand, established companies are forced to adapt. The transformation to a digital society means a transition to a service-led economy. This is a major challenge for today’s companies: existing business models become ineffective, traditional value chains transform to value webs, high costs for managing digitisation, new organisational structures, and increased velocity, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in general make executives’ lifes and jobs much more challenging concerning…

  1. Initiation: the digital economy and the logic of digital value creation.
  2. Develop approaches to design a digital service business with a competitive edge.
  3. What are the challenges of innovating in a digital service world?
  4. How to improve operational excellence using digital and service approaches?
  5. How to design successful products and services applying use, user and utility centricity.

By the end of the course, you will have the tools to develop a powerful digital service business that responds to the needs of internal and external stakeholders. You can expect the following topics:

  • Digitalisation, digital goods and servitisation
  • Product Service Systems
  • Service Design, Co-Design & Open Service Innovation
  • Service Innovation processes & methods
  • Service Prototyping, Toolkits, Service Evaluation

Main Lecturer