Business Transformation

This module focuses on the methodological perspective of change in the context of digital transformation. It builds on the findings and discussions of the leadership module and discusses the methods that support successful transformation initiatives.

Business Transformation2020-02-13T15:41:10+01:00

Leadership for the Digital Transformation

This module will put various perpectives on the increasingly pertinent questions: how can companies and organizations generate the necessary readiness to react on transformation and how can digital leaders influence this?

Leadership for the Digital Transformation2020-02-13T15:31:52+01:00

Business Model Innovation

This module focuses on the topic of business model innovation in times of digitization and what incumbents can learn from start-ups when it comes to reinvent themselves.

Business Model Innovation2020-02-13T15:33:34+01:00

Service Innovation and Design

By the end of the course, you will have the tools to develop a powerful digital service business that responds to the needs of internal and external stakeholders.

Service Innovation and Design2020-02-13T15:23:17+01:00

IT and IT Innovations

IT innovations or technology in general play a major enabling role when it comes to digitalization. The module presents both perspectives on IT and technology, the enabling role and the restricting role.

IT and IT Innovations2020-02-13T15:20:27+01:00

Business Engineering

This first module serves as an introduction to the fundamentals of the whole course. It introduces the perspective on digitalization and business transformation which is taken throughout the course.

Business Engineering2020-02-13T15:17:25+01:00